Kaya attended at the Chanel Show in Paris yesterday, to see all the pics click on the link below

- Chanel Show – Paris Fashion Week (September 30)

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Scans from Yelmo Cines and Accion Magazine (september issues) from Spain added to our gallery:

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Kaya Scodelario

Scodelario, 22, grew up in London. At the age of 14, she was cast as Effy in the Channel 4 series Skins, and is the only actor to appear in all four series. She has since starred as Cathy in Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights, in Clash Of The Titans and Now Is Good. She appears in The Maze Runner, based on the bestselling books, out on 10 October, and The Moon And The Sun, out next year.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I get to see places in the world I never thought I would. This year I’ve been to Versailles, Australia and South Africa. I always try to make the most of wherever I am, and use the time off to do tourist stuff and take pictures for my mum.

What’s the worst thing about your job?
Being away from home, which I know contradicts what I just said. It gets very lonely when you’re away for a long time, living out of a suitcase.

What are your must-haves on set?
Diet Coke, because I don’t drink tea or coffee, and my French bulldog Arnie. There’s always someone willing to look after him.

What’s the biggest difference between British and American actors?
They’re more tanned? I don’t know. I’m not sure there is one. I always feel like a Londoner whenever I am in that world, though. Hollywood is absolutely as ridiculous as it seems.

For instance?
I went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party as a plus-one with my director friend, Francesca Gregorini. It was so overwhelming that, after a while, I had to sit in a corner on my own. You couldn’t look around without spotting someone. I just wanted to go home and ring my mum.

Have you had an ‘Oh my God, I’ve made it’ moment?
I will feel that way when I manage to buy my mum a house.

What’s been the most glamorous moment of your career so far?
I’m not a very glamorous person. On my last job I was working with Pierce Brosnan, and we took him to the opera for his 61st birthday. I’d never been before and going with Piercey was really cool. Then I took him back to my roots: we took him to a dingy bar and got him hammered.

What’s been the least glamorous moment of your career so far?
Everything. I still go to the shops in my pyjamas and walk my dog looking like crap. Everyone who knows me knows I have flatulence problems. I’m quite proud of it, though.

Have you been starstruck?
All the time. If I ever see anyone off EastEnders, I freak, but the most was when I was in Paris for fashion week and Ronnie Wood walked through my hotel. I just froze. My friend encouraged me, so I chased him around the hotel. He turned around and I just burst out crying and said, “Thank you for the music”, which is the cheesiest thing I have ever said in my life. He was very sweet. He hugged me and asked if I was OK, because I was sobbing, and I just walked off. I was a mess.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?
I was on Skins, for God’s sake.

What’s the greatest lesson your mother taught you?
Everything, but particularly how to be a strong woman, because she raised me on her own. She came to England from Brazil when she was 26, and built herself a career and a home without speaking the language or knowing anyone. She has really inspired me to be independent and not need a man to get through life.

What was your fancy dress oufit of choice as a child?
Posh Spice – I was obsessed with the Spice Girls.

What is your phone wallpaper?
My friends and me in New York for my 21st. I’ve been friends with these three girls since school, and I’d always wanted to have my 21st in New York. So that’s what we did.

What do you series link?
My mum and I have a little tradition of watching Grey’s Anatomy together. She saves them up while I’m working; when I’m home, we’ll watch them for three days straight.

What makes you laugh?
My dog. He has learnt to do roly-polies and now he won’t stop. He just travels everywhere through the medium of roly-poly.

When does fame get uncomfortable?
The whole idea of fame is uncomfortable. It’s not what you should want from this job. It makes me sad to see my younger cousins, the Instagram generation, obsessed with what people look like and what someone else has got. I just always loved the work. I try not to be wrapped up in my own dramas, because actress dramas are silly. My friend has just had a baby, and has a seven-year-old: her dramas are important.

source: The Guardian